National Products
Bill Payment
All Electric Distribution Companies of WAPDA, Karachi Electric (KE), Sui Gas Companies, Telecom Operators and most of Water and Sanitation Boards are using the services of e-Sahulat platform in collection of their utility bills
Biometric verification of Excise
Through e-Sahulat customers can obtain biometric verification for buyers and sellers of vehicle for new registration and transfer cases. The services is available across Pakistan and customer do not have to visit the excise office to process registration / transfer of vehicle.
Punjab Arms License Fee Collection
Arms license fee for Punjab Arms License is collected through NADRA e-Sahulat. Fee for new arms license and renewal is processed.
Issuance of Fard (Punjab Land Records Authority)
In collaboration with Punjab Land Records authority NADRA e-Sahulat is issuing Fard (for record only) for customers. The service can be availed across Punjab of computerized record of land.
Microfinance loan collection
e-Sahulat a fast-growing loan collection platform, has a current network of 17,000 active franchisees across Pakistan. It has given new complexion to the microfinance sector by induction of innovative technology.
Vaccination Certificate
Vaccination certificate fee can be paid through NADRA e-Sahulat franchisees across Pakistan. Vaccination certificates for Covid-19. Polio and yellow fever fee is currently collected.
Citizen Verification
Through e-Sahulat platform citizens has facility to authenticate/verify the particulars of other’s CNIC. Citizens are utilizing verification services to verify the particulars of other citizen before making of any business deal and transaction.
Donation Collection
Through e-Sahulat donation collection service, you can contribute for the welfare of the society by supporting the cause you believe in. e-Sahulat takes an initiative in this regard by offering donation collection service that ensures the transfer of your donation amounts to different organizations in a secure and reliable manner.
ePin Voucher (Scratch Card)
Scratch cards of different service providers of various denominations can also be purchased through eSahulat. Use of this distribution channel gives a cutting edge to service provider without making any investment.
Fee Collection
NADRA e-Sahulat is designed to provide secure and online payment and collection facility for the general public as well as organizations. In order to facilitate students to pay their university fee at their nearest location, NADRA e-Sahulat and Virtual University of Pakistan has joined hands to provide fee collection facility at doorstep.
Safe City Islamabad
Islamabad Safe City (ICT Police) has been facilitated with a special dedicated identification service to curb crime and apprehend criminals.
Client on Boarding Service for Banks
NTL is playing vital role in providing NADRA’s ID verification Services to all Banking Industry which has made KYC (Know your Customer) process more convenient for banks. Biometric Verifications results with required data against ID number is pushed to banks within seconds.
Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)
NTL is providing NADRA’s Biometric Verification Service to Security and Exchange Commission Pakistan’s (SECP) registered NBFCs in Pakistan.
Multi-Finger Biometric Verification Service (MFBVS)
NTL is providing NADRA’s Biometric Verification Services (BVS) to Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) for SIM issuance which makes the process authentic and transparent. It was a flagship initiative and a success story. Recently, to further strengthen the process NTL provided CMOs with MFBVS which enables CMOs to get biometric verification of random multiple fingers rather than biometric verification against a single selected finger.
Tasdeeq Pakistan Service
A new amended Biometric Verification Service for Banking Industry has been introduced to facilitate senior citizens with weak or faded fingerprints. A set of secret questions from citizens basic data has been coupled with the failed Biometric attempt of such citizens to assist the banking officer in verification process.
Flood Effectees Assistance Program
NADRA provided specially designed ID verification Service to support disbursement of funds to Flood effected citizens in collaboration with designated Banks and UNHCR. The service enabled Banks to open remote accounts of eligible citizens for disbursement at large scale.
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