e-Sahulat Services

e-Sahulat Services

NADRA introduced an innovative electronic ecommerce platform in Pakistan called NADRA e-Sahulat. This platform initially started with self-service KIOSK machines and has now expanded to include desktop, mobile, and online integration with corporate partners. It has proved to be a valuable source of employment for many unemployed youths and has also increased the income of retailers. e-Sahulat is a cost-effective platform that offers secure payment and collection services to the citizens of Pakistan.
Bill Payment / Rent Collection

The e-Sahulat platform offers bill payment services to various utility companies and corporate clients across Pakistan. It is widely used by Electric Distribution Companies of WAPDA, Karachi Electric (KE), Sui Gas Companies, Telecom Operators, and Water and Sanitation Boards and many others. In addition to utility bills Punjab Model Bazar Management Company’s stall holders can pay the rent of stall through NADRA e-Sahulat.  This platform enables customers to conveniently pay their utility bills / rent through a vast network of e-Sahulat franchises.

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Microfinance Loan Collection

e-Sahulat, a rapidly growing loan collection platform, throughout Pakistan. It has revolutionized the microfinance sector through the incorporation of innovative technology. The platform aims to become a benchmark and provide easy solutions to the unbanked population, empowering them socio-economically. In the past, e-Sahulat has facilitated foundation for the loan installment collection for DAMEN and KASHF Foundation.

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Donation Collection

Through e-Sahulat donation collection service, you can contribute for the welfare of the society by supporting the cause you believe in. e-Sahulat takes an initiative in this regard by offering donation collection service that ensures the transfer of your donation amounts to different organizations in a secure and reliable manner. Using this service, donation amounts are transferred to the respective organizations.

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Fee Collection

NADRA e-Sahulat is designed to provide secure and online payment and collection facility for the general public as well as organizations. In order to facilitate students to pay their university fee at their nearest location, NADRA e-Sahulat and Virtual University of Pakistan has joined hands to provide fee collection facility at doorstep.

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e-Pin Vouchers

Through e-Sahulat, you can buy e-Pin Vouchers of mobile telecom service providers with various denominations. e-Sahulat simplifies the process for companies by eliminating the need for printing and marketing scratch cards, making the distribution of PINs much more convenient.

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Biometric Verification

e-Sahulat offers its customers the convenience of biometric verification for various purposes. There is a generic biometric verification available that can be used for authentication of an individual for any purpose. There are specific biometric verification services for Islamabad Excise and Taxation (ETO), Punjab Excise and Taxation (ETD), Federal Board of Revenue for GST registration (FBR), PTV pensioners and PEC engineers Verification.

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Punjab Arms License Fee Collection

NADRA e-Sahulat provides a convenient way to collect arms license fees for the Punjab Arms License. This service enables users to pay for the processing of fees for both new weapons licenses and license renewals. Individuals can easily access this service and complete their payments through e-Sahulat franchises located across Pakistan.

Issuance of Fard (Punjab Land Records Authority)

In collaboration with Punjab Land Record authority, issuance of Fard (computerized record of land) service can be availed with convenience and instantaneously across Punjab through e-Sahulat franchise network.

Verification for GST Registration (FBR)

Traders need to verify biometrically to complete the registration process of GST for FBR. They can verify their biometrics through nearest NADRA e-Sahulat outlets.

Vaccination Certificate

You can pay the fee for vaccination certificates of your COVID-19, Yellow Fever and Polio vaccination certificate at any NADRA e-Sahulat franchisee across Pakistan.

Citizen Verification

The e-Sahulat platform provides citizens with the ability to authenticate and verify the details of other individuals’ Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs). This facility ensures safety and security in various business or domestic transactions, including property and automobile sales, ownership transfers, and the hiring of employees.

Utility Companies Billing Switch

In addition to its own franchise network, NADRA e-Sahulat has created a robust billing interface solution that is widely used by banks, telecommunication companies (Telcos), microfinance institutions (MFIs), and online payment solution providers. This middleware solution enables the seamless processing of utility bill payments. Equipped with a robust infrastructure, including servers, dedicated teams, comprehensive solutions, online reporting, reconciliation, and a complaint management system, the switch middleware ensures efficient handling of bill data. Currently, NADRA e-Sahulat manages and collects bill data from over 29+ utility companies, amounting to approximately 58 million consumer records per month.

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