Verification Services

Verification Department, NTL, is commercial interface of NADRA which offers ID Verification solutions along with value added services. Verification Department facilitates its clientele with market-oriented services.
Biometric Verification

Biometric Verification (BIOSYS) is an integrated ID Verification Service, where fingerprints captured by clients are being verified against respective CNIC numbers and verification results are directly provided to the client without any human intervention. Response time from NADRA against single verification is in milliseconds. Biometric based verification is an important tool to establish Proof of Life and avoid any impersonation. Following Categories of Biometric verification Service are being offered to our clients.

  • MFBVS (Telecom Sector)
  • Branched Banking
  • Branchless Banking/EMIs
  • Digital On Boarding (Mobile Based Verifications)
  • Biosys for General Clients
  • Biosys for ATMs
  • Courier Companies

Verisys (Online CNIC Verification Service) provides ID Number verifications instantly through web-based access. Clients are provided with the service, where they can verify any NIC number instantly by simply punching the NIC number along with respective issuance date and can match the details available on the NIC with VERISYS results.  This service is being provided through a secured connectivity link and mostly provided to Regulated Institutions and Government Entities. CNIC, National ID card for Overseas (NICOP), and Pakistan Origin Card (POC) Numbers can be verified through VERISYS. Recently clients are also being offered with the instant Verifications of Succession Certificate, Align Registration Cards, Proof of Registration (POR) for Afghan Refugees. Family information services are also being provided in limited scope as per policy. Following types of verifications are being offered in VERISYS.

  • CNIC Number Verification
  • Aliens Registration Card Verification
  • POR Verification
  • Succession Certificate Verification
  • Family Tree detail

Internet Based Verisys is known as e- Verisys which is being provided to private sector, mostly SMEs. NADRA has designed this service specially for private sector with ease of access so that most of the Small medium level clients can make better use of it. The service is playing a crucial role in bringing authentication and transparency in daily business transactions at grass root level. Following segments of verification are being offered in Internet based Verisys.

  • CNIC Verification
  • Succession Certificate Verification
  • Alien Registration Card (ARC)
Connectivity Solutions

Secure, stable and robust connectivity is mandatory for smooth delivery of services. NADRA, realizing the demand, also came up with its connectivity solutions. Network/Connectivity solution provides secure and reliable platform to extend NADRA services to its clients. Multiple verification services are being consumed by clients after establishment of secure P2P encrypted VPN between NADRA and their premises. Following are the modes connectivity we offer.

  • Fiber Optic
  • V-SAT
  • B-VPN
XML Based Verification Service

Realizing business requirement, NADRA devised XML based ID Verification service. It is an integrated service with client’s system where instant Verifications are carried out and verification results along with few data fields against the ID numbers are directly populated to the client’s servers through technical integrations, eliminating the human intervention and complementing with immediate verifications responses. Many Private and Government organizations are being benefited with this service.

SMS Services

In the changing world, communications with smart gadgets are the need of the time. Considering the need of the time, NADRA is facilitating its government clients to reach the masses through SMS based messaging service. for the purpose, specific Short Codes are used by NADRA to facilitate general public with the help of mobile operators in Pakistan. Citizens can simply send a message (SMS) to a specific short code and can receive verifications/info as per their requirements. This medium has been proven so useful in the National disasters or in social programs like BISP, COVID Verifications, ECP, and Government level initiatives etc. SMS services uses standardized communication protocols. Following SMS based Verification Services are being provided to the citizens of Pakistan:

  • Prime Minister National Health program- 8500 (eligibility for Sehat Card)
  • CNIC Reverification service- 8008 (re-verification of CNIC No and family tree)
  • Census project- 8600
  • Broadcast message service- 9888 (bulk message service)
  • CNIC Verification-7000
  • Arms License Project Sindh 7001 (status update for revalidation of arms license)
  • Vote verification service for Election Commission of Gilgit Baltistan- 8301
  • Vote verification service for Election Commission of Azad Jammu & Kashmir- 8302
  • Vote verification service for Election commission of Pakistan- 8300
  • CNIC application tracking SMS service- 8400
  • Call center PRI based service- 1777
  • BISP (Enrollment/eligibility for BISP program) – 8171
  • Covid-19 (Enrollment/status update on covid-19 vaccination) – 1166
  • KP – Health (Eligibility for sehat card) – 9780
  • CNIC verification (Verification of family tree) – 8009
Bulk Verification Service

NADRA is a client-oriented organization and always striving to address clients’ needs. Considering the market requirement, NADRA is providing ID verifications in bulk. The saves time, human effort, and cost (both human and financial). through this service client can verify the ID Numbers in batches having a set of NIC Numbers. Service is being provided through a secured and efficient process. This service has been proven as a game changer specially for the Banking Industry, where they can verify the ID numbers of their customers in Bulk and provides them with financial services efficiently.

  1. ID verifications for clients (project wise)
  2. National Initiatives like Matches, Exhibitions, visits of dignitaries etc
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