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We are specialized in Digital Transformation, e-Governance, Financial Technology and Specialized Service Package.

Our Services

NTL is a leading provider of software development services, specializing in the creation of innovative software solutions.

Our Products

NTL has been recognized nationally and internationally for its success in providing a variety of solutions, including e-governance, e-passport, biometric verification, utility bill collection, and more.


Our Clients

We have collaboration with our clients and partners to provide solutions based on their demands.

Our Core

Identity Verification Solutions, along with value-added services, are the cornerstone of NTL’s multifaceted services, which are provided to our clients. Our mission statement is “to offer most convenient, secure and cost-effective ID Verification Services to Government and Private Sector of Pakistan to achieve their goals in transparency, eliminating frauds and authentication of Pakistani Nationals”. We execute business strategies and core functions in an effective and efficient manner by offering extraordinary verification services within Government & Private sectors to bring transparency and curb frauds in identity documentation.

Bussiness Development Services
The Business Development Department operates as the commercial arm of NTL, dealing in the international portfolio of e-Governance and Identity Ecosystems of the global clientele
e-Sahulat Services
NADRA e-Sahulat is developed and designed to enhance services-outreach for all citizens particularly of underprivileged areas to bring faster market access through an established channel
Verification Services
NTL is commercial interface of NADRA which offers ID Verification solutions along with value added services. Verification Department facilitates its clientele with market-oriented services
Areas of Expertise

What do we
Stand for?

We are expert in Digital Transformation, e-governance, Financial Solutions and Specialized Service Package.
Digital Transformation
We have provided our expertise in Integrated Border Management, Vehicle Registration and driving license, Arms License System, Safe City Solutions.
We have step forward towards e-Governance process by providing Civil Registration, National Identification System, E-Passport, Online Visa System, Social Protection Programs.
Financial Technology
We have provided Financial Solutions to National and International Organizations like Billing Gateway, Mobile Banking, Cash Disbursement, Secure Remittance, Tax Paying.
Locally Customized Solution
Solutions are customized to local requirements with a complete transfer of technology to the client.
Sustainable Business Model
A public sector organization that covers its costs building lasting partnerships.
Specialized Service Package
We have provided services in field of System Integration , Deployment & Training, Consulting Services.
NTL Statistics

NTL in Numbers

NTL has achievements in big numbers, We have a list of clients and projects delivers round the globe.

Years in Business

We are working on our expertise areas and providing technology solutions from 20 years

Projects Completed

We have completed more than 200 projects globally

Clients Globally

We have International clients those are satisfied from our expert services

Professionals on a board

We have a team of Professionals who are working on cutting edge technologies to provide fast solutions

PortfolioInternational Portfolio

NTL has international recognition for its success in providing identification solutions i.e., e-Governance, e-Passport, biometrics, smart cards, civil registration & vital statistics, social protection, health insurance and issuance of secure travel documents that deliver goals of mitigating identity theft, safe-guarding the interest of and facilitating the public.

We are working onTechnology Stack

Every project requires a dedicated approach and a carefully selected tech stack to ensure that its scope will be delivered on time and the code will be spotless. Check out what technologies our engineers and developers work with.
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